Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Introducing Chingford PE Blog's Newest Initiative - The Sports Journalists Club!

It was mentioned in an earlier post that the Chingford PE Blog would be open to any student wishing to showcase their flair for writing and passion for sports - this led to the creation of the Sports Journalists Club (SJC).

Hype began to build around this opportunity, with students across all year groups encouraged to sign up via a stylistically designed 'Wanted' letter. Although it didn't quite have the buzz around it that a Triwizard Tournament would possess, students were still eager to show their interest, with over 40 names signing up. Thank you to everyone who took the time to put their names down!

The sign-up sheet, offering pupils a chance to join our ranks!

The first meeting featured a decent number of students, each one eager to see what the SJC had in store for them. The first task would be centred around creative writing, requiring the students to describe a sporting event they either witnessed or took part in themselves. It was a task to gage the level of interest in writing for the blog, as well as suitability in terms of the individual's writing ability.

The potential for the SJC is enormous, although it will depend on the levels of commitment shown by Chingford students. As long as students are willing to learn, there will be opportunities to visit school games and report as a real journalist would do. Being able to imitate journalistic style is a skill you would usually expect from an A Level student, but with talent as young as Year 7 available at the blog's dispense, we can expect to see many articles appearing in the near future.

Chingford PE Department would also like to offer congratulations to all new members of the SJC, and we look forward to hearing from each and every one of you as the year develops.

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