Thursday, 23 March 2017

National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships!

Last week saw Chingford enter into the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships (NJIRC) - a prestigious event which involved the best junior rowers nationwide. Though the competition was incredibly tough, our students still managed to earn respectable scores that they can all be proud of.

The full list of results can be found here:

London Youth Rowing, the charitable organisation that hosted the annual event, created several alternative attractions to keep rowers busy while waiting for their respective races. These varied from indoor games that tested cognitive capabilities to more adventurous activities like laser tag and rock climbing. It was a well organised event, with successive races all happening promptly one after the other. CFS would also like to extend its thanks to the many volunteers and companies that leant staff to help out.

After their continued hard work in fitness and rowing club throughout the academic year, CFS would also like to say a special thanks to all the students that made the effort to attend this event. Congratulations!

Josiah Oyerinde 7C
May Goulding 7I

Daniel Marquis 8H
Alfie Sullivan 8H
Lucy Smith 8C
Sunsea Zozo-Gitton 8F
Dylan Clarke-Stock 10F
Edward Smith 10H
Mae Hewitt 10C
Bethan Willcox 10H

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