Monday, 24 April 2017

Spring Term Round Up

As the Spring Term draws to a close and we prepare to take a well-earned break from school, it's important we recap the various sporting ventures of the past weeks.

A typically busy term began with a London Youth Games Rugby tournament, as Ms Burridge led a group of lower school girls to fourth place in their tournament - which consisted of twenty-eight teams from the entirety of London. This is a tremendous achievement for the girls, who had only just taken up the sport mere months ago. In particular, Ms Burridge highlighted their confidence levels, which grew with each passing game.

The London Youth Games Badminton Tournament also took place this term, with Mr Westwood leading a team of year 9 girls to compete in multiple singles and doubles matches across the day. It was a fantastically organised event, and Mr Westwood insisted everyone competing was a credit to the school.

The aforementioned NJIRC was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the term, providing Chingford students with the opportunity to compete on a national level. Mr Hockley led the team of keen rowers, each of whom can safely say they put in 100% effort against very tough competition.

Of course, as expected, Chingford boys have once again excelled themselves in their respective football leagues. Not only do we have several cup semi finalists and finalists, but our league positions are strong enough that several year groups are still in contention for titles. Mr Gordon's Year 7s are still on for their unbeaten season, while Mr Hockley's Year 8 side are one point off of the top of the table. Mr Westwood's year 9 team are also joint top of their league, while the 10s and 11s are still in contention for the top spots.

Elsewhere, our netballers have enjoyed another successful term, again impressing the PE staff with their commitment and desire to compete despite their curricular obligations. This was particularly true of the Year 11s, who have enjoyed an incredibly successful five years of netball under Ms Heaton. The lower year netballers look set to follow in this wealth of success too, with the Year 7 and 8 teams reaching the final of the Essex Plate competition.

Outside of interschool competitions, the return of summer sports has excited students these past few weeks. Though there is an obvious dependency on good weather, multiple lessons towards the end of this term have consisted of sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and Rounders, two of the most popular options for students.

A further new initiative to the PE Department has been the inclusion of School Experience Visitors. Though it has been a popular programme across CFS, it had never before been part of PE - but thanks to the intuition of Mr Collier, we're now able to offer the experience of a PE teacher for those that wish to pursue our career.

As always, the PE Department thanks all staff and students for their collective efforts for this term, and wishes them a nice, relaxing Easter holidays. We look forward to seeing you all ready for the summer term!

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