Thursday, 26 January 2017

Semi Finalists!

November 2016 saw the start of the annual Waltham Forest basketball competition, with multiple aspiring schools looking to test their skills on the court. Chingford, as always, were well-represented in the tournament; this year they entered a record ten sides, as well as a separate tournament for sixth forms and colleges. Though there were a glut of fixtures to get through due to the number of sides entered, each side was able to take part in a number of games and prove their worth in the competition.

Fixtures were split up by age group, effectively allowing a boys and girls competition for years 7 to 11. Bragging rights were on offer for any side able to emerge from the group stages, but the competition was fierce, and only a select few teams from each group would make the semi finals.

I am delighted to announce, however, that Chingford managed to gather an astonishing nine semi finalists from their groups. Year 7 manager Mr.Gordon highlighted in particular his side's determination and good team environment, nominating Josiah Oyerinde of 7C as his side's MVP for the regular season. Furthermore, Miss Culverhouse was able to lead her 7s, 8s and 10s side to the semi finals - she praised her sides that 'sailed through' with ease.

With the semi finals due to take place as early as this week, who knows what the limit is for these young Chingford sides. Watch this space!

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