Thursday, 19 January 2017


January 19th 2017 will go down as a historic date in Chingford history - the inception of our new PE Department blog. From the school that brought you such world famous talents as David Beckham and Harry Kane comes a new literary venture, with staff and students alike contributing reports and analyses of our young, rising stars.

PE Technician and Editor Mr. Elliott will oversee the project, which will consist of teachers such as the fearsome Mr. Gordon, who is more than keen to discuss the dynamics of his fledgling Year 7 football team. Any member of staff who has led their side to glorious victory or valiant defeat is invited to immortalise proceedings in the form of an article or match report.

Students are also more than welcome to take part in the project, reporting on their own or peers' triumphs in the fields and courts of Chingford and beyond. Not only will this honour the children's successes, but also hone important literary skills that will be valuable in later life. Whether you wish to write to build your CV or UCAS application, or simply want to praise your friends' achievements, you are cordially invited to take part.

Finally, we would like to congratulate all previous Chingfordians who have contributed to the school's country-renowned successes throughout the years. And not just the famous ones - Borough record setters, cup winners and those who turn up week in, week out and put the effort into their PE lessons. Without you, this page would not even exist. Thank you!

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